Be a pilot with Andras Meridian Airlines

So, you want to join Andras Meridian Airlines? There are some things you have to know beforehand. First of all, have you read the “About AMA” sections? We feel it is full of information that will help you to decide whether or not we will be your favorite virtual airline and the playground for you.

Then, have a look at the must haves, right under this page. We know that it may be a showstopper that we demand you to have Andras Field installed, so there are now several other hubs you can request as your home base. We strongly suggest you have Andras field to experience the full flavor of AMA, but you are not obliged.

Please view our rules for pilots and rules for airline pages. Still interested? Then click on down to our application procedure.

Last, but not least: You will have to be an ACTIVE member of our community (minimum 1 flight in 90 days). You will be expected to post reports, screenshots and more. But in return you will get a wonderful community and a lot of fun.


This is NOT a “today I’ll fly from X to Y, tomorrow from A to B” airline. You will have to start your flight at your last location, navigating to where-ever you want to go in the world via our network, using the planes available to you via your rank. As you log flight hours, more aircraft will become available to you. Note that most of our aircraft are (turbo)props, jets becoming increasingly available as you progress in rank.

Another difference from other VA’s might be that, from time to time, the airline will dispatch a flight to you. This flight has to be flown BEFORE you can choose any other flight. Rest assured that the airline will dispatch only flights from or close to your current location.

Extra rule: pilots shall do their best to leave an aircraft at a hub before switching to another aircraft, preferably the hub assigned to the aircraft.

Extra rule: pilots shall do their best to calculate needed fuel and refuel accordingly, thus not wasting fuel for the airline.

Extra rule: pilots can only fly from their current location. Although jumpseats can be taken to different fields linked to the current field of location, this leaves our fleet scattered around the world.

(c) Andras Meridian Airlines