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Andras Meridian Airline Ranks

In our airline, ranks determine which aircraft you can fly and how much salary you get – but rank says nothing about how important you are to the airline. All pilots start with 0 hours and begin a 12.5 hour evaluation period as Air Taxi pilots. Even the founder and CEO of the airline started with 0, so we have all started at the same place. We have no executive ranks other than our CEO, COO and CIO to facilitate management. For bringing back aircraft which for whatever reason have become scattered across the globe, we have the rank of Official Bring Back Pilot, only attainable by request and with even greater privileges.

Here’s an explanation of the ranks and what they say about the planes you can fly:

  • Air Taxi Pilot: You may fly small props only, limited to 3 passengers.
  • Charter Pilot: You may fly small props, limited to 5 passengers. You become eligible for VA benefits at this level.
  • Commuter Pilot: You may fly larger props including twins, limited to 15 passengers.
  • Regional Pilot: You may fly large props and regional jets, limited to 90 passengers.
  • International Pilot: You may fly large props and jets, limited to 200 passengers.
  • Intercontinental Pilot: The big iron, and everything in service. Our biggest bird is a 747-300 accounting for 500 passengers

The higher ranks only give more money to compensate our administrators and test pilots for their time. Naturally, higher ranked pilots can still fly the lower ranked aircraft and routes.

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