Good news for the bush pilots among us. We have bought a small airline in the Alaskan pan-handle.

Based at windy PAKT-Ketchikan, we want to expand service to the small airfields in this territory. You can do sightseeing flights to the glaciers or bring cargo and tourist to the small cabins at the lakes.

Plus the exciting and different thing for us is that not only do we have the possibility to use amphibious aircraft, we must use them. Most of the airfields are seaplane bases. Some nestled in the fjords or on small lakes between the mountains.

These aircraft are available: Twin Otter, Cessna Stationair, Cessa Skywaggon, Grumman Goose, PBY Catalina, DeHavilland Beaver and Quest Kodiak

This is a fantastic landscape for flying. While you can have lots of fun searching the way through the fjords to our seaplane bases, weather is almost always an issue here, so seat of the pants piloting skills will be called for. Up for the challenge? Come fly AMA Alaska…if you dare.

Welcome to Alaska