Welcome to Andras Meridian Virtual Airlines


We are a virtual airline, operating with enthusiasm in the realm of FSX and P3D. We have brought Andras Meridian from its start with three Cessna Skyhawks to a worldwide operating carrier. This means we eventually want to open hubs all around the globe, connecting them with both long range jets directly and shorter range (turbo) props.

This doesn’t mean we will become a long-haul-only company someday. From our hubs, we will again offer smaller routes with smaller planes. Our fav planes will always be with propellers. Our fav routes will always be flyable in less than 90 minutes. Our fav FL will always be low.

Apart from what we want to achieve for the airline, we want to spread the love for flight simulation. This will always be an educative, friendly, helpful and caring band of enthusiasts. When time allows, our virtual characters will meet in the HQ for a chat or a beer (or more). And when we are online (flying or just “checking in”) on TeamSpeak, we will be those who explain and help out.

Quality over quantity – that’s what Andras Meridian is all about. Will you be our newest pilot?

Active Flight Map - AMA

These are all current AMA flights in our virtual world – click on the planes to get more info about the flight.

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