PHTO - Hilo International Airport

Hilo International Airport

Another part of the world has been unlocked for you to fly your passengers and cargo around.

This time not so much a bush character as Alaska and Papua New Guinea. No, this is the mundane scenery of Hawai’i. Airfields are more mature and decently paved here, the aircraft requiring some more luxury than the formerly mentioned regions

A new linking pin in our network is Hilo International, PHTO. A small fleet is being flown there now from around the world: 2 3 seaters for our Air Taxi pilots, 2 5 seaters for our charter pilots, 2 9 seaters for our commuter pilots, 1 80 seater for our regional pilots and 1 130 seater for our international pilots. This 130 seater is a brand “new” MD87 and will be used in a local manner as high speed transport between the islands.

In addition, all existing routes in the network in and out of Hawai’i are now redirected to PHTO.

As more of the aircraft in the fleet reach Hilo, this area can be visited and flown into by more pilots. When more and/or different aircraft are needed, please request so via the forum.

You can buy PHTO airport scenery here.

Hawaii freware scenery: here.

Routes from this hub can be found here.

Hilo International Airport