AYPY Jacksons - Papua New Guinea

Jacksons - Papua New Guinea

As we were growing out of our proverbial jacket at AYMD Madang, our hub in Papua New Guinea was moved to AYPY Jacksons Port Moresby. This airport is the largest of Papua New Guinea. It links to our other hubs and scenario’s in this part of the world: Hawai’i and New Zealand, and via our intercontinental network to the rest of our hubs both via direct and indirect routes.

It also our main base of operations for the numerous small strips around the country. Papua New Guinea is one of the remotest of countries in the world, it’s infrastructure for a very large part depending on small aircraft due to the nature of it’s terrain.

But beware, the PNG area is VERY challenging. Altitude differences are huge. For instance, Madang airport and Keglsugl airstrip are just 55nm apart, with Madang at sea level and KeglSugl at 8400ft! The weather can be hot and bad, meaning some fields can not be reached in a given aircraft at some times. Flightplanning is crucial and your GPS won’t help you much, since fields in between are not always reachable in a straight line. Ergo: bush flying at it’s best!

Routes from this hub can be found here.

AYPY Jacksons - Papua New Guinea