AYMD Madang Papua New Guinea

Madang - Papua New Guinea

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present to you a new hub and network in the South Pacific. It is centred around the new hub AYMD, Madang. Longer routes are currently set up to outlying island countries like the Marshalls, Tuvalu, Solomons and Tonga.

In time, French Polynesia and Hawaii will be linked, branching out to and linking existing hubs in Alaska and New Zealand.

In all island countries a single plane common in the area will be stationed for local flying.

Beware, the PNG area is VERY challenging. Altitude differences are great. For instance, AYMD Madang airport and KEG Keglsugl airstrip are 55nm apart, with Madang at sealevel and KeglSugl at 8400ft! The weather can be hot and bad, meaning some fields can not be reached in a given aircraft at some times. Flightplanning is crucial and your GPS won’t help you much, since fields in between are not always reachable in a straight line. Ergo: flying at it’s best!

Madang - Papua New Guinea