PNG Cargo Challenge, 2015

A trip around Papua New Guinea, hauling cargo around on our just delivered network. All pilots had to land at least once at all 42 predetermined airstrips, using an equal number of probation, charter and commuter aircraft. Scores were measured on speed and lbs of cargo hauled and averaged.

The rules of Papua New Guinea Race can be found at the bottom of this page.

The final scores:

1, AMA218 José Carlos, 84 flights, score 146.80

2, AMA214 Zeno, 57 flights, score 141.32

3, AMA119 Thorsten, 51 flights, score 139.92

4, AMA141 Toby, 60 flights, score 137.19

5, AMA210 Dirk, 52 flights, score 103.00

6, AMA195 Ruud, 61 flights, score 98.38

7, AMA102 Ole, 48 flights, score 77.37

8, AMA174 Ian, 21 flights, score 77.08 DNF

The rules

1- Pilot shall start his challenge not before 5th nov 2014 1900UTC

2- Pilot shall end his challenge not after 31st jan 2015 23:59UTC

3- Pilots shall use VAFS for pirep tooling

4- Pilots shall start next flight from the field they last ended

5- Pilots shall start the race from AYMD Madang

6- Pilots shall end at AYMD Madang before end of challenge

7- Pilots shall only fly aircraft in 3 classes as stated in aircraft list

8- Pilots shall fly to all and only 42 airfields stated in airfield list

9- Pilots shall only fly cargo routes in the selected region

10- Pilots shall fly an equal amount of flights with all aircraft classes, with a minimum of 42/3=14 per class

11- If pilots do not fly an equal amount of flights with all aircraft classes, last 1 or 2 flights will be exempt from scoring

12- Pilots may at any time switch aircraft in and between classes

13- Pilots may only change aircraft at AYMD Madang

14- Pilots will keep their own scores in a sheet provided in the AMA dropbox

15- Fields to be used for scoring are "block off Zulu", "block on Zulu", "flight distance (km)", "total cargo revenue", "pilot rating"; all to be taken from the public pirep

16- Score per flight will be calculated as follows: revenu * speed * (rating/100)/10000. Speed is calculated from flight distance, block off and block on times.

17- Scores per pilot will be calculated by averaging all flights per pilot

18- If ac should be damaged in a flight, pilot is penalized via pilot rating, not via repair costs

19- If ac should be damaged, pilot should report so ac can be repaired before next flight. Aircraft damage value is risk for the VA. Flying with a damaged aircraft is prohibited.

20- Crashing an aircraft will make that the flight will be logged by the pilot, but with 0 score. Pilot will have to jumpseat back to AYMD on own costs via VAFS client. VA, Challenge owner shall repair/replace lost aircraft.

21- Winner of eternal fame and bragging rights shall be the pilot who after the end of the challenge has the highest average score, meaning most cargo revenu earned fastest with highest rating

22- If a pilot wants to change ac at AYMD, he will make that known in a dedicated forum thread to the challenge owner, at least 12 hours and and most 24 hours prior to the first flight planned with the new aircraft. Ac and registration to be used shall be communicated by challenge owner via the same thread.

23- Pilot shall only fly the aircraft/registration assigned to him by the challenge owner

24- Some airfields have seaplane and/or helipads. Although available, helicopters and pure seaplanes are exempt from participating